Nikunj is presently doing his PhD research in UQTR, CANADA. He is presently working with genetic engineering and microalgae to produce industrially important secondary metabolites.


    He has worked in various area of Biotechnology such as lipid metabolism in plants, wastewater treatment using algae, biodiesel production from algae, stress adaptation, manipulation of physio-chemical parameters to enhance total algal biomass and lipid yield of algae and stress biology. In the past, He had worked for two and half years under the guidance of Dr. Monika Prakash Rai, Assistant Professor, Amity University on “Biodiesel production from microalgae” and had published few research and conference papers on algae biomass and lipid content. He was focused on developing low cost medium, enhancing lipid yield by varying physical and chemical parameters.


    He has completed his B.tech+M.Tech (Dual) Biotechnology at Amity University, Noida (ranked 6th in India for biotechnology and in top 200 of Asia). He specialized in areas of biotechnology, plant biotechnology, chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, genetics and environment biotechnology. During his studies, he had improved his skills by taking interdisciplinary courses and participating in many international conferences, fellowships and research internships

    He had also worked in different leadership roles for NGOs such as Climate Reality Project and EduCARE-India as climate leader and Project Manager respectively. During that time in the leadership roles, he had learned a sense of understanding about social transformation and community relationship building. He was working on various interdisciplinary projects such as solar energy, forest management and water purification. This was very useful in providing me with a good insight into working in a multicultural environment with people from different background. He was also selected as team member for International Antarctic Expedition (IAE) 2014.


    He is interested in studying microbes and plants in an interdisciplinary approach to develop bioactive molecules such as secondary metabolites and antibiotics. He wants to contribute towards energy, food, medicine industry by developing sustainable technologies



    His hobbies are playingTae-kwon-do,hiking and Badminton and philately.








    Junior Research Fellow,Sep 2016-Nov,2016

    National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources- New Deljhi

    I am investigating the development of biotic and abiotic stress tolerant varieties of Pigeonpea


    Research Intern,Feb-March,2016

    International Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

    I was studying the impact of stress conditions (Cold and Anaerobic) on microalgae for jet fuel and biodiesel applications.   

    Summer research Intern, May-June,2015

    International Center of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, New Delhi

    The major objective of the project was to develop an integrated system of wastewater treatment and biodiesel production from microalgae

    Summer Research Fellow, India Academy of Sciences, May-July,2013

    CSIR-Cftri, Mysore

    In this project I was involved in cloning and expression of genes from ABHD protein family (PES1 and PES2 involved in wax ester synthesis

    Undergraduate Research Assistant, Amity Institute of Biotechnology, Dec,2011-May,2014

    Algal Biotechnology Lab

    Upon entering, I joined Algal Biotechnology lab under the guidance of Dr. Monika Prakash Rai as a volunteer undergraduate research intern. I was working on Algal biomass for biodiesel production. My work involved culturing, harvesting algae and under varied stress conditions (temperature variations, pH, light intensity, heavy metals etc) for the production of biodiesel, fatty acid analysis, wastewater treatment and other value added products such as bio fertilizers.



    Amity University,Noida

    B.tech+M.tech (Dual) Biotechnology 2011 - 2016